who WE are, what WE all do







MITOS is a Greek, independent, humanitarian non-governmental organization located in Athens since 2013.


MITOS ‘ key principle is solidarity and its mandate is to provide educational, developmental or other assistance to people in need without any racial, religious, political or any other kind of prejudice with the ultimate goal of assisting their overall economic and social development.

MITOS is funded by organization’s members and friends who share its vision.
Members of MITOS receive detailed information regarding every amount they give, by e-mail and web site, and MITOS’ legal & economic data are available to anyone.

– MITOS is strongly focused on human rights, and especially children’s rights and children with special needs according the Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Concluding Observations [Sixtieth session, 29 May – 15 June 2012],

– supports ARSIS’ Refugee Shelter for families, Refugee House in Lavrio and many Solidarity Networks, and people in need

– participates in the Greek Poverty’s Network and is advised by the Children’s Ombudsman in Greece.

– offers Greek language lessons to refugee, adults and children

– takes Actions against poverty, children in crisis.
During last one month 27/2 – 18/3, we ALL collect
• 25- 27/ 2: Kritharaki 142 kg, 1136 portions,
• 29/2: Kritharaki 437 kg, 3496 portions
• 2/3 – 3/3: lentils 220,5 kg [1835 portions], for Soup Support, Social Cousine’ cooking for Peiraia’s Port and
• on Friday 18th we’ll cook with ALLOS ANTHRWPOS to Elliniko Camp Kritharaki with Chicken.
For the certain actions we communicated through social media, e-mail and mobile phones and we accepted JUST Kritharaki, Lentils and NO MONEY.



Tel. +306939477454